Our business has been established to provide a high quality recruitment service to a range of clients.  There are a many exciting developments but also fundamental principles that remain.


As a Search and Selection practice, we work as a partner for a wide range of organisations and this puts us in a privileged position.


There is nothing better than helping clients grow through attracting the right people.


Success follows from the right recruitment approach and that's based on:

  • Experience - Founder David Bond previously co-founded Search and Selection practice Cairns Bond in 2000 and over the following 12 years the business established an unsurpassed reputation for professional (and meaningful) client service. Overall he has over 20 years experience in senior recruitment following international work as a CA with KPMG.

  • Results - as one measure of success, over the life of the business, Cairns Bond never had a client invoke the 12 month guarantee to replace an unsatisfactory candidate. The right people were placed and made a difference!


That 12 month guarantee remains a cornerstone of McGregor Bond; reflecting a highly professional approach. Importantly, only a small number of assignments are handled at any one time, ensuring maximum attention to success for you!




We operate across a range of mid and senior level appointments.  There are no geographical contraints and work often has an international scope.


​Work often involves a combination of:

  • Headhunting

  • Research

  • Extensive Networking

  • Database Search

  • Advertising

There is also an innovative and effective in-house option, most relevant where clients have an ongoing requirement or particular project recruiting a number of senior staff into the organisation.


Particular expertise exists within the following sectors:

  • Financial Services

  • Professional Services

  • Retail

  • Housing

  • Food & Drink

  • Energy

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Sport & Leisure

  • Technology & Telecoms






We treat each assignment with descretion and the rigour required to insure the best candidates are identified. The best strategy will be dependent on a number of factors and we have the benefit of flexibility in our approach.


Influencing factors include the type of role and sector considerations, for example:

  • Housing:  This is an important time in the Social Housing sector, with the challenges of uncertainty hitting the levels of those on Universal Credit, the challenges of development levels helping to address homelessness and investing in energy efficiency with the impact of the EESSH targets. As such, it requires a blend of committed community focused individuals with an understanding of the commercial challenges.

  • Professional Services:  Differentiation between firms can be a key issue and have a considerable impact on the candidate market. Within this sector there are a wide range of remuneration strategies and the presentation of the business can be an important factor.

  • Financial Services: The regulatory pressures upon companies have seen a significant increase in risk/compliance recruitment, and the impact of risk on all aspects of the business, including the need for change management resource as new structures are developed.


“The University was delighted with the service provided by David Bond in it's recruitment of a new Director of Finance.  His approach was characterised by a commitment to excellent communication, which ensured we were fully briefed throughout the process, along with a willingness to contribute actively to the development of a mutual understanding of the kind of person we were looking for.  David was able to generate interest from a wide range of well-qualified candidates from the public and private sectors across the UK and deliver a strong shortlist for final selection.  The 'after sales service' has also been impressive, with David taking an ongoing interest in the performance of the successful candidate and in the University in general.”

Dr Jim McGeorge, Secretary of The University of Dundee